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Since 2009 we have owned & ran multiple successful businesses, we know that one of the most important aspects of a successful business is cashflow.  Lets face it, with limited cash flow we are not able to pay employees, pay for raw materials, or even think about a stress free evening with our family.  We understand  accounting,  marketing, motivating and cultivating a team and most importantly the many tax advantages that exist as a business owner.  We are here to help and  are never to busy to help you when you have a question.  We appreciate the opportunity to help you with your business and do not take it for granted. If there is anything you ever have a question on please don’t hesitate to give us a call.
You are Brave, Intelligent & Able! 
To Success in Life & Business! E&F

Vero Beach

Meet Chris! Our General Manager and Compliance Officer, Chris joined our team in 2015. At that time we were in North Dakota.  When we told him we were selling our business to move down here and asked him to come with, he jumped at the opportunity.  He has always strived to do his very best in everything that he does.  Chris is very hard working and dedicated and here to help you with all your check cashing needs.  As Manager of the Vero Beach location you will see his willingness and ability to go above and beyond!

Vero Beach

Meet Lilly! Originally from New York Lilly has many skills that she brings! She has a diverse background and is very good with people.  Lilly is very knowledgeable and proficient so you can be confident she will get whatever you need done correctly! Fluent in English and Spanish! 



Meet Lydia! She is new to the area from New Jersey and has been in the industry of dealing with cash for 10 years! Lydia is very knowledgeable and proficient so you can be sure she can take care of your cash needs! Fluent in Spanish and English!


Port St. Lucie

Meet Roccio! Originally from Ecuador, she has a background in check cashing and is very knowledgeable! Super friendly and warm you can be sure that all you check cashing needs will be met! Fluent in Spanish and English!

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